To Every Woman Who Feels Invisible

You are important!
You are valuable!
You matter!

Now start acting like it!

I get it, “Invisible Woman Syndrom” is a real thing. When we are not young and attractive anymore or after we’ve completed our motherhood role, we are too often overlooked. It’s evident all across our lives, especially on TV, media, and in marketing.

Even WHO stated in their report: “The media and prevailing attitudes often portray men as aging with wisdom, while women become ‘invisible’ in middle-age and are viewed as a burden in older age.”

But let’s be real.

We are contributing to it.
We don’t want to be a burden to anyone.
We don’t want to bother others.
We see something wrong and we don’t step up and say something about it.
We stay on the sidelines.
We hope someone will notice what we do, but we are afraid to brag about our accomplishments.
We start dressing, doing hair and make-up, behaving… “age-appropriate” (whatever that means).
We are happy in the little cocoon that we created and we just want to do our own thing.

It’s really up to us to break this pattern.

We have to show up and raise our voices!
We have to stay valuable members of society!
We have to be the ones setting the example!
We have to take risks!
We have to brag about what we got!

And we have so much – experience, wisdom, intelligence, power, love, acceptance…

Don’t ever forget how powerful and worthy you are!

Did you notice that you are becoming invisible with the age? Did you notice it in society? How are you handling it?

With love,

p.s. Would you rather have a personal conversation about your situation? Let’s set up a time to talk, I’m happy to help any way I can.