Why I love being in midlife…

Did I tell you lately how much I love being midlifer?

No, seriously, life is awesome!

I feel like I’m 30.

I look like I’m 40 (I admit, I wanted to write 30 but my kids said no one would believe that but I could pass for 40)

And I have the wisdom of the old.

Honestly, if you asked me to go back in time to my favorite years, that would be it. I would stay exactly where I am. I don’t want to go back.

In my early years, I was a good girl, obeying parents and doing anything to please them. I tried my best to follow what they planned out for me. As an introverted, sensitive soul, I was a very lonely, scared kid, trying hard to be invisible.

Then in my 20s and 30s, I studied hard, got a job, started a family, built home… Everything pretty much revolved around work and kids – their needs, their schedules, their activities…

In my 40s, I was awakening. Trying to find who I am and what I want from life. I was on a journey of self-discovery, which was most of the time painful, difficult, and overwhelming.

Now in my 50s, I can finally be myself. I know myself enough to know what I want and what I don’t want, what I like and what I don’t like. I have the courage to pursue my dreams. I love myself so I can put myself first.

The kids are gone and I have time for myself and for the things I’ve always wanted. My husband is no longer competing with my kids for my time and attention and we can enjoy the marital bliss of the newlyweds. We don’t need to wait for school breaks to go on holidays. We just pack and go wherever we want.

I’m free to pursue my dreams, do what I’m passionate about and I can focus on my purpose and vision. And I have the money to do it.

I accept myself and all my flaws. I appreciate all the mistakes I made, all the failures, trials and lessons for they made me who I am. I admire and love my strength and power that I was hiding for so long so others didn’t feel threatened. Because I don’t care anymore what others thing.

Yeah, life is good!

And the best part? I still have another 50 years to enjoy my newfound freedom and love. After all, I’m only at the midpoint.

So… what do you love about getting older? If you don’t know (yet), don’t worry! You’ll figure it out.

Or you can join our group THE MIDLIFE SORORITY to connect and learn from other women on a similar journey. And if you know anyone who’s struggling during this transition, invite them too!


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