Are you giving up your hopes and dreams, trying to be perfect and available for everyone, only to discover that you lost yourself in the way? Do you think you are too old to begin anew? You want to be positive, confident and vibrant again?

I’m here for you if you are a woman in your 40s and 50s:

  • who are ready to thrive not just survive the midlife
  • who are (re)discovering who they are and what they want,
  • who are finally putting themselves and their dreams first,
  • who are looking for a new purpose and passion;
  • who want to make an impact and leave a legacy.

I don’t believe in a midlife crisis. I don’t believe our lives are over when we reach big 5-0. I don’t believe we become useless and powerless as we age.

I believe we are powerful and valuable beyond belief. I believe we have so much to give and share and teach.

I believe we are given a second chance to finally live our lives the way we wanted – loving, appreciating and honoring ourselves, following our dreams and using the lessons and wisdom we gained to have freedom and fulfillment we desire.

Midlife is when the Universe grabs your shoulders and tells you: “I’m not f**ing around. Use the gifts you were given!”

Brene Brown

I believe women should thrive and not struggle on their journey through midlife.

And that’s my mission:

I want to see midlife women full of life, sharing their gifts and stepping into their power instead of hiding and shrinking.

I want to remind you to honor your age and wisdom that comes with it.

I want to empower you to share your insights, not hide it; to respect your journey, to feel a worthy and valuable member of the society; to have the courage and heart to stand out, share your knowledge, spread your message to other generations.

I want to awaken your worth and remind you who you are and how amazing, beautiful and inspiring you are.

If that’s you, let’s connect: