If I Would Have To Sum Up Everything I Learned In My Life Into 1 Lesson…

If I would have to sum up everything I learned in my life into 1 lesson for others, it would be this:


If you focus on the negative, you’ll see more negative in your life.
If you only think about what you don’t have, you’ll have even less.
If you are always worried and stressed, you’ll find more things to be worried or stressed about.

And if you focus on abundance, you’ll see abundance all around you.
If you emphasize the positive, you’ll find more of the positive.
If you are excited about little things, those little things become big things.

You see, your mind is like a projector. And what you think and feel, it shows up in your life.

If you go to the cinema to see an action movie, you’ll see the action movie because the operator will put the action movie role into the projector (or whatever they do in that room). You won’t see Xmas movie unless the operator makes a mistake and put Xmas movie on.

It’s the same with your thoughts and feelings.

If you are thinking negative thoughts, you can’t expect to have a positive life.
If you think doubt and fear and doom, you can’t expect to have abundance and happiness.

You have to change “the movie”. You have to choose the thoughts that will bring forth what you want and desire. You have to create a better story that you want to see.


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