Bring Down Your Walls

… until you do it from your heart, until you’re being you, it’s all just the surface, the facade, the wall you built for others to see and admire, the wall to keep others on the distance.

Behind this wall, you are suffering, weeping, and searching for that crack that would allow your true light out into the world. You are waiting for the savior, for that moment or that person that will help you break down the wall. But in reality, the wall can be broken only from the inside, only by you.

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The Masks We Are Wearing…

Not the ones that our governments are forcing upon us for “protection”. I’m talking about hidden, invisible masks that we put on for every interaction, conversation, and communication.

We carry the whole arsenal of those masks with us – some for friends, some for a family, some for co-workers and bosses, some for strangers… Every time we choose to please others, to do what they expect from us, to say what we think they want to hear… we put one of those masks on.

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The more I learn who I am, the more I love and accept myself

When I listened to others, there were all sorts of wrong with me. They were very quick to judge and disapprove, to tell me how I should talk, behave, look…

It took me 40+ years to accept all of it.
I can finally say I’m embracing all of me.
I can look into the mirror and lovingly smile to the person looking back at me.
I finally don’t care who I should be.

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You Are Your Own Authority. Own it!

How many ebooks, cheat sheets, templates… have you downloaded, maybe looked at them and let them sit in the computer or your desk?

How many times have you believed that someone else will hand you a magic wand that will solve all your problems only to realize it’s not what you need?

How much time have you spent watching other people’s webinars, trainings, and challenges, only to figure that you already know this or so much more?

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