Before you love yourself…

Just love yourself!

It is heard and seen everywhere these days.
Sounds pretty easy and straightforward, right?

It took me years of all kinds of practices before I could say to myself in the mirror “I love you!” and actually feel it.

It was a moment I will never forget. I remember breaking down crying in my bathroom when I could actually say it and mean it too. I felt like I broke the shell and for the first time in (almost) 50 years, I could see myself as a beautiful, powerful, infinite soul full of love and light.

❤️ Because before you love yourself, you have to BELIEVE YOURSELF.

Not just believe in you and your abilities, but believing all the feelings, all the positive thoughts, affirmations, visualizations…

Feeling it real, not just saying it.
Embracing it with all your being, not just your mind.
You have to believe you are worthy of love.
You have to believe it’s not selfish, but essential for you and your living.
You have to believe that only after you love yourself fully, others will be able to love you fully.

And only then you’ll be able to give your love away to others.

❤️ But… before you can believe yourself, you have to ACCEPT YOURSELF.

With all the flaws, failures, mistakes, imperfections, cracks, weaknesses, faults, defects… as well as all the capabilities, potentials, experiences, knowledge, skills… Sometimes accepting your strength and power is even harder than your weaknesses.

You have to accept everything you are.
You have to accept everything you’ve done.
You have to accept that everything and everyone in your past and present is part of who you are.

They made you – YOU. And everything was always happening for you, to create an amazing person you are.

❤️ But… before you accept yourself, you have to FORGIVE YOURSELF.

To accept all of you, you have to forgive yourself for all the mistakes, failures, errors, misunderstandings, misconceptions, oversights, slips, confusion…

You have to forgive yourself for the things you have or haven’t done, for the things you should or shouldn’t have done, for everything that you could have done, said or handled differently…

To get started, I suggest you write a forgiveness letter to yourself. Write down everything you can think of and keep adding to the list. It’s a neverending process. You’ll remember more and more things that you’ve been keeping and hiding inside, but I promise you, it gets easier and easier.

On a scale of 1 (low) -10 (high), how much do you love yourself?
How easy it is for you to feel the love?

If you need help with it, reach out and let’s chat.

Love you!