Do you know that people are generally the least happy right at middle age?

Not because they don’t have enough, they usually have more than they’ve ever imagined. They reached some milestones, had success, climbed the leader, achieved the recognition…

After years of striving for success and material things, they realise those are not bringing them satisfaction and joy they expected. They became settled in the “good” but they still feel they failed. They see others doing so much better. They see others having that fabulous life. They see others reaching higher, accomplishing more, earning more… and their “good” isn’t good enough anymore.

I’m reading “The Happiness Curve” and there is a story about a man in his 50s describing how he’s getting happier as the years go by. He explained it with:

“I’m having less expectations and more appreciation for things.”

Joanthan Rauch

And reading this statement I realized that’s exactly how I handled my “midlife crisis” (not that I had one 😉).

I stopped expecting life to be perfect.
I stopped expecting to have everything under control.
I stopped expecting to have it figured all out.
I stopped expecting things from myself and from others.

Instead, I appreciate everything that comes my way. Yes, those bad moments too, and the sad, the frustrating, the overwhelming, the annoying too. I’m not happy about them, but I appreciate them.

I appreciate life.
I appreciate nature.
I appreciate people in my life.
I appreciate the luxury and the mundane,
the exciting and the day-to-day,
the spiritual and material.
I appreciate my body and mind.

How about you? Where do the expectations prevent you from feeling happier, more satisfied?


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