This is our call to co-create the future ✨

My fellow midlifers, you have done enough of soul-searching, looking for something more, something bigger, something you.

Now is the time to rise up and lead. Now is the time to activate all your superpowers, all your skills, and talents you’ve been hiding. Now is the time to be fully you and by being you, you will lead the new generation into the future.

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Day 11 of the Lockdown…

What I feared most was the disruption of my own routine and morning rituals. Since I’ve worked from home for so long already, I knew that keeping my own schedule and staying sane with others around would be the most difficult.

We mastered the daily routine that allows each of us to work on our individual projects, we have family time and I still have me-time.

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3 Essential Rules to Thrive During Lockdown or Isolation

I’ve been working from home for over 10 years now, and during those years I’ve had a lesson after lesson about routines, habits, establishing boundaries, loving and taking care of myself, thriving with what you have, surviving on less… and here are my top 3 tips that might help you during your own adjusting to isolation or being stuck inside with your family.

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