Fear is the biggest enemy of love.

It’s the biggest traitor, so often convincing you to do something that you know in your heart it’s not good for you or that it doesn’t serve you. But your mind keeps reminding you of all the previous instances where you let your love and faith guide you and you ended up sad, heartbroken, or disappointed.

Fear is holding onto the known. Fear is a cage that keeps you inside of what you feel you can control and cope with. It hides in plain sight, creating the wall around you, the fence that leads to the isolation.

Every time you were hurt or frustrated it was for your higher good. I know, back then it didn’t look like it. It sure didn’t feel that way. It felt like the world is crumbling down. And seeing and remembering those times as something where your heart betrayed you, where your heart led you into the wrong path, where you ended up hurt…

But if you look back, you also know deep down that it was a blessing in disguise.

What if you do not see just the final event at the end of it? Because everything has an end whether you like it or not. And you holding on on that final dissolution is denying everything that was before.

Putting all the anger, hurt, suffering into the last act, remembering and reliving it again and again. Allowing fear to lead and amplify the disappointment, discouragement, and judgment instead of giving your heart praise and gratitude for all those days, weeks, years before.

Maybe you start seeing them as a wonderful journey your heart led you to.

Maybe remembering all those happy moments where you gave your heart the trust and acceptance it craves.

Where and when you were happy and making decisions from love, not fear.

Focus on those things.
Remember when you listened to your heart and it did go well.
Honor the choices you made from love.
And definitely don’t allow fear to stop you from living.

Don’t fear! Love even more!

XOXO, Alenka