Bring Down Your Walls

Embracing yourself is the highest manifestation of love, the biggest lesson of your life, the most important mission you are on. You can’t impact others, you can’t save the world, you can’t change the future if you are not 100% you.

Being yourself is an act of courage. It’s completely accepting, honoring, presenting all of yourself. Even when it’s difficult. Even when someone might get hurt. Even when you go against the norms and rules.

Staying true to yourself is the highest form of rebellion. Doing what no one else is doing. Doing it in a way that no one else can. It’s the power that comes from within, the deep knowing that you can’t go anywhere else or do anything differently or you will be the one who suffers.

You were given gifts and talents that you can use but until you start using them fully, completely, and unapologetically you will feel like you are threading against the water. Every step will be hardship and every victory just another blow that will push you deeper into resentment, dissatisfaction or feeling lost. Because in every cell of your body, with every fiber of your being, you will know that it’s not the victory of you, it’s not the victory of your gifts. Is the victory in obedience, in the following rules, in working hard for something you think you want or you should want.

But you know. You know that’s not what you truly want. That’s not what you are here to do. Yes, you might be good at it, you might have success, you might have awards and rewards, but until you do it from your heart, until you’re being you, it’s all just the surface, the facade, the wall you built for others to see and admire, the wall to keep others on the distance.

Behind this wall, you are suffering, weeping, and searching for that crack that would allow your true light out into the world. You are waiting for the savior, for that moment or that person that will help you break down the wall. But in reality, the wall can be broken only from the inside, only by you.

You are the one who needs to find those rays of light through the cracks and reach out. You are the one who needs to find the strength to push the walls down. You are the one who must muster the courage to stand there, naked, exposed, vulnerable and raw, for everyone to see who you really are.

And the funny thing is, people already saw you through the cracks, they saw the glimpses of your light and they are waiting for you. They are waiting for you to see it too. They’re waiting for you to find the courage, the strength, the confidence, the faith and finally show yourself in all your brilliance. They are waiting for you to reach out for the help and support they are offering. To do that first step.

To show you are ready to finally remember, honor, embrace and love YOURSELF.

Will you do it?