The Masks We Are Wearing…

Not the ones that our governments are forcing upon us for “protection”. I’m talking about hidden, invisible masks that we put on for every interaction, conversation, and communication.

We carry the whole arsenal of those masks with us – some for friends, some for a family, some for co-workers and bosses, some for strangers… Every time we choose to please others, to do what they expect from us, to say what we think they want to hear… we put one of those masks on.

Showing only “the good side” of us. But is it really?

Because we are basically lying, we are hiding, we are pretending, we are faking… We are acting as we know what they are expecting and we are doing or saying what we think is best for them. We are just adjusting to their needs and to their wants and their situation, not wanting to disturb anyone, or to annoy anyone or to rock the boat.

What would you think of someone doing that to you?
You would be disappointed, pissed, outraged, or upset.

Yet we all do it all the time.
We are hiding our true feelings.
We are withholding our honest opinions.
We are covering our truth.
Assuming that it will protect us from harm, from embarrassment, from judgment, from negative comments, punishment…
To feel accepted, approved, safe,…

Sometimes we are so caught up in other people’s lives, in their dramas and agendas, that we forget who we are, we forget what we value and what we are bringing to the world.

Every time we do that, we conceal our brilliance a little more.
We camouflage our gifts and talents.
We lose a piece of ourselves.
We bury our essence so deep that we question if it’s even there.

We’re forgetting our wants and needs.
We are forgetting our dreams and passions.
We are forgetting who we are.
We are forgetting our worth.
We’re forgetting ourselves.

But enough is enough!
Isn’t it time to show the best version of you,
the one that’s proud to be herself,
The one who’s comfortable telling her truth,
the one who’s honored to share her gifts and talents.

That’s who you are meant to be.

Love, Alenka

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