The more I learn who I am, the more I love and accept myself

When I listened to others, there were all sorts of wrong with me. They were very quick to judge and disapprove, to tell me how I should talk, behave, look…

Because I’m introverted I was told I should be more sociable.
Because I’m very sensitive I was told to toughen up.
When I expressed my opinions, I was critical and judgemental.
When I was listening to my gut, I was irrational.
When I took care of myself, I was selfish.
When in school I raised my hand, I was nerdy.
When I made plans, I was controlling.
When I started learning about angels and spirit guides, I was crazy.

But guess what?!?!? I don’t care what they think anymore.

This is who I am.

This is what makes me.

Yes, I’m sensitive and empath, but that gives me insights into others’ feelings.
When I share my opinions, they are well thought out.
I read a lot and I know a lot about many things. Why should I hide that?
I guard and protect my space so I can function better with those I care about.
I listen to my gut feelings, as my body knows what’s best for me.
My face is an open book and tells what I think before I speak.
I have zero tolerance for drama, but why would I have to deal with it?

So what if I have freckles, thin hair, cellulite?
So what if I open up to only a few selected friends?
So what if I don’t follow the masses?

This is me. This is my life, my experience.

It took me 40+ years to accept all of it.

I can finally say I’m embracing all of me.
I can look into the mirror and lovingly smile to the person looking back at me.
I finally don’t care who I should be.

I love and accept myself.
I love and accept my mind, my body, my weirdness, craziness, boldness, reflectiveness…,
I love and accept everything, good and bad.

Tell me – do you love and accept yourself as you are or do you always see what’s wrong and where you should improve?

With love,

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