This is our call to co-create the future ✨

My fellow midlifers, you have done enough of soul-searching, looking for something more, something bigger, something you.

This is our time! This is the time to step up.

Now is the time to rise up and lead. Now is the time to activate all your superpowers, all your skills, and talents you’ve been hiding. Now is the time to be fully you and by being you, you will lead the new generation into the future.

We are in the middle.
We are the bridge.
We are the connection between the old, old-school, old-fashioned, old way of doing things and the new, new technologies, new developments, the future.
We are the bond, the glue that connects both worlds.

The old generation doesn’t understand the new.
The new one doesn’t understand the old.
And we are in the middle, living and knowing and understanding both.
We can create a better world by accepting, embracing and honoring both sides, new and old.
We are the generation who can be the connecting link, the blending agent.

The midlife “crisis” was the reset we needed on a personal level, to understand how important it is to remember and honor who we really are – one with nature, one with the world. My biggest lesson was that we need to return to Natural laws and rhythms, we need to listen to our inner wisdom and intuition and that we are powerful beyond belief.

Those are the lessons we need to teach younger generations so when leading the world forward they understand it and acknowledge it and include it in their creations.

We are not robots and we can’t function as ones.
We need human connections, natural wisdom but with better more intelligent high-tech tools who help and assist us not slave us. The world is built on human connection, compassion, and cooperation, not separation and automation.

That’s why we need to step up.
We are here to help create the future the way it’s supposed to be.

On the foundations and wisdom of the old with new tech and new insights.
Using the old in a new way.
Doing things in a modern way but still honoring nature.

Are you with me?


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