3 Essential Rules to Thrive During Lockdown or Isolation

I’ve been working from home for over 10 years now, and during those years I’ve had a lesson after lesson about routines, habits, establishing boundaries, loving and taking care of myself, thriving with what you have, surviving on less… and here are my top 3 tips that might help you during your own adjusting to isolation or being stuck inside with your family.


Until you adapt and manage your new routines, don’t add more to your daily plans. It sounds amazing with all this time to finally tackle all those tasks or hobbies that you neglected, but take care of basics first.

  • Schedule the big blocks (work/school, family time, me time…) and keep them flexible.
  • Focus on the most important things first and then add smaller things.
  • Cook for a few days at once (my favorite are soups and stews).


Both your physical and mental health is important.

  • Eat good, take vitamins, exercise, go outside if possible.
  • Schedule time for yourself, preferably in your own space.
  • Do simple things that make you happy.


Create a support network of family and friends that you can count on and you can socialize with even at a distance. The human connection is important and it’s essential that you keep those conversations outside your house/family too.

The same goes for business connections, especially if you have not worked mostly online yet. Get a coach, mentor, accountability partner that you can discuss your business.

I hope this helps.
And I’d be happy to chat if you need support with adapting to the quarantine.


p.s. Would you rather have a personal conversation about your situation? Let’s set up a time to talk, I’m happy to help any way I can.